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Meta-Yoga– A way of life

Meta-yoga is a way of life in which one becomes alive to all realities. Swami Dayananda’s essential message was to expand awareness such that one’s essential experience of life is transformed forever.

Meta-yoga involves a method of expanding your awareness that shifts your relationship both to yourself and your world. Realities of life are defined in three categories: the absolute, objective and subjective. They are discussed in great detail in the Vedanta scriptures, i.e., the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. Distinguishing and applying these realities forms a context for realizing what it means to live a fully satisfying life.

There is a time tested method to elevate yourself to a higher awareness, when you sharpen your observations, your life experiences are heightened. Meta-Yoga is a way of life that gives you clarity about how to obtain joy when it is otherwise hoped for but seems unobtainable.

This deepens your relationship with yourself whereby this ancient method of contemplation and meditation points to your own presence as a source of stability. As the observer you are the one present to everything– the world, your body, your breath, even your thoughts and emotions. As an observer, you are basically your own stable presence, not even your mind engaged in relationships, etc. How does this alter your awareness? You are the heart of heart behind your relationships with your world. Everything passes through your stable awareness, like clouds in the sky. As awareness you are the stable witness of your life. In meditation, your stable awareful presence is a profound and fulfilling topic to meditate upon. The mind can finally rest in the ground of your own present awareness.

The phrase “be present to what is” has deeper implications– the more self-aware, the more inner joy. The more you connect with your own awareness you find more tolerance for everything else. This gives a new level of trust in yourself and your perceptions. And when you see others perspective, it is with compassion for their humanity, not by losing yourself or resisting views of others. Simple transparency and acceptance about the human condition is so freeing.

With increased clarity it feels more normal to be with things as they are without reactions of anxiety, fear, anger, etc.A first step is truly noticing that you are centered in yourself without needing the world and your life to be different in any way. You are not your desires! You are the one who is present to them; you are the one who is aware of them. These are not mere empty words; this is a living experience that you can choose to own up to. You can become truly self-empowered person with the help of a knowing guide.

I invite you to be more at peace and centered in your self, your life and your relationships through Julia’s life coaching sessions and guided meditations. This ancient method of gaining clarity is practical at all levels of experience.

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