Back Pain

Movement with poor posture leads to stiffness and chronic back pain. Learn new habits of movement, posture and breathing to lead a healthier more vibrant life.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy releases stiffness, tension to improve posture and eliminate the source of pain with efficiency per your stage of life, whether you are are athletic, working or retired or have collapsed posture. All levels benefit from this powerful therapy with safety and expediency to upright posture and maximum range of motion and mobility through all stages of life.

includes individualized postures that stretch and strength your specific postural chain that causes

Neck Strain

Neck Pain is a whole body condition. Stiffness in the neck is related to the spine and shoulder. how you hold your posture in everyday activities such as sitting at a desk, driving need to be counterbalanced with chest opening activities or yoga postures that open the front body and inspire a deep breath.

Stress and Tension

Stress and tension is alleviated though yoga and meditation resulting in a calm, more centered and empowered you. This yoga emphasizes inward focus to sensitive you to your own needs physically and mentally so you can make informed decisions about your inner and outer environment for your health and well being.When physical and mental tension are managed well, health of mind, body and breath are synchronized resulting in a life based in well being and clear thinking.

Yoga for the Body

Pain Relief Therapy Offerings

Private Yoga Therapy - A rare and skillful Hands-On Approach to Yoga.


Restorative Yoga Therapy: A Posture and Pain Remedy Available in Privates and Classes

Yoga Classes, Workshops and Retreats - Hands-on Yoga Therapy for Improved Posture and Pain Relief

Yoga for the Mind

Yoga of Introspection - Live and Online Classes

Japa Meditation: Discovering Silence as the Framework from which Thoughts Come and Go


Chronic Pain: Freedom from Helplessness


Bhagavad Gita: Monthly Live and Online Classes

Meet Your Teacher!

C-IAYT, e-RYT-500, Expert Yoga Teacher, Hands- On Pain Relief Specialist, Innovator in Iyengar Yoga, Vedanta and Sanskrit Teacher, Japa Meditation and Vedic Chanting Teacher