Unlocking Pain Relief: Posture and Fascial Healing

A young woman uses a foam roller massager for fascial adhesion release, FAR.Chronic pain is often an overwhelming and onerous ordeal despite earnest attempts to alleviate its symptoms. The array of medicines and treatments explored can sometimes lead to feelings of despair. Unraveling the enigma of chronic pain necessitates a unique and concerted endeavor, as elusive answers confound lay individuals and healthcare experts across various fields, from Western medicine to holistic health practices.

In the search for answers to the root causes of pain, medical diagnostic tools like X-rays, MRI, and CT scans, while essential, fall short in identifying the soft tissue involvement in chronic pain. Soft tissues include muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

A heightened awareness of the significant role of fascial adhesions in chronic pain is emerging. Fascia, with its pervasive connectivity throughout the body, is a binding framework that links and envelops every aspect of our physical form, extending from the head to the toes.

The complexity of the web of fascia cannot be overstated. Comprising bundles of collagen fibers, fascia envelops each cell in the body, serving as the foundational matrix that binds muscles, bones, organs, glands, and even ensnares nerve endings and blood vessels. Moreover, it houses proprioception nerve endings, which relay essential information about the body’s position in space to the brain. Importantly, fascia is central in determining the difference between smooth, unrestricted movement and constrained mobility.

Significantly, adhesions, characterized by hardened knots of fascial tissue, extend beyond the immediate location of pain. They create a chain of interconnected adhesions, which collectively contribute to tension, discomfort, and inflammation. For example, knee pain is frequently interconnected with adhesions in the hips, back, ankles, and feet rather than being isolated to the knees alone.

It’s crucial to address adhesions throughout the body to combat pain. As a manual therapy specialist, I identify chronic pain patterns through posture and gait analysis before discovering and remedying the underlying dysfunctional tissue with my hands. I also offer yoga therapy classes for learning the art and craft of improving your posture, a key to addressing chronic pain.   Stay tuned for upcoming foam rolling and block therapy classes, offering comprehensive insight into addressing your unique fascial adhesion patterns responsible for stiffness and chronic pain.

With a history of dealing with pain, my journey has been influenced by the yoga teachers and manual therapy practitioners I’ve encountered over the decades. I remain dedicated to helping you solve your pain puzzle and regain a pain-free life. Contact Julia at 415-879-6944 or reach out via text or email at

In the picture above, Mick Jagger performed at 80, running and jumping on the stage, demonstrating excellent posture and fascial health.