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  • Saturdays Online 11:00 – 12:30
  • $27 for Drop-In or
  • $90 for 4 classes in 6 weeks

Suggested props but not required:

✔ Wall or column or cabinet to put your legs up the wall
✔ 2 – 4 blocks
✔ 1 – 2 straps
✔ 1 – 3 firm blankets or large towels
✔ 1 – 9″ round yoga bolster
✔ Chair from the kitchen or all-metal yoga chair.

You can purchase most of these props through this website at:

Pay on PayPal (Friends) or Venmo with:

Private Online Yoga Sessions
  • As a chronic pain specialist, Julia assists in maintaining functional movement & independent living. This is best suited for people with scoliosis or any structural & postural challenge that can lead to chronic pain. 
  • Call for a Free Consultation with Julia 415-879-6944
The Teachings of Swami Dayananda
Announcing a one-year online course called ‘Teachings of Swami Dayananda’. This will be a video course with monthly Sat Sangs by Julia Lorimer, a long term disciple of Swamiji’s, and a Vedanta and Sanskrit chanting teacher. 
The first text in this new video series will be a meditation text called ‘Upadesha Saram’, meaning the essence of Advaita Non-Dual Vedanta Teachings. This will be a marvelous study for people seeking depth in their spiritual life. 
Here is a rare opportunity to learn from Swami Dayananda, an outstanding scholar, profound thinker, communicator, and spiritual teacher. Even though he is no longer with us, we can benefit from his unprecedented logic, clarity, and humor in communicating the non-dual vision of one infinite reality. See for yourself how unity exists naturally, both on the largest and the smallest scale. 
Daya means compassion. Swami Dayananda has an exceptional level of empathy and patience with his students. The process of listening to Swamiji on video will transport your mind to a higher dimension while he addresses fundamental topics like the meaning and goal of life, your blemish-free identity, the ‘Vedic Vision of God’, how many is one alone, solving the equation 1+1=1,  how this vision of oneness unifies everything in yourself and resolves all emotional problems.  
This intensive course will include one online video class per week with Swami Dayananda. In addition, Julia will offer a live weekly Sat Sang class to help integrate the Vedanta teachings into your life. Students’ questions will have an opportunity to ask Julia questions that leave them feeling perplexed.
For ‘Upadesha Saram’ text class, Sat Sang with Julia will commence the course on Sunday, January 10th, and conclude the first course on February 21st. Sat Sang classes are 7-9 pm. The cost is $25/class for Julia’s Sat Sangs. Video classes with Swamiji are free.  No one is turned away for lack of fees. Please contact Julia for an interview to see if this course is for you.

Please contact Julia if you’re interested in joining. The cost is $25/class for monthly Sat Sang class. Sat Sang with Julia is 7-9:30 pm on Sundays.

No one is turned away for lack of fees. Please