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Introducing Restorative Yoga with Therapeutic Benefits

When the world brings all levels of stresses to our sensibilities, what can we do to find balance so we can deal with all manner of upsets with composure?
For over 3 decades, I have used restorative yoga for my clients and in my classes with great therapeutic benefit. I’d like to share some of these successes here so you’re more informed of restorative yoga’s way of addressing mind-body issues. At the core of this method is my work pain management, recovery from illness and prevention, all in addition to its daily foundation of a relaxed body and a restored mind.
Restorative Yoga use props to support the body as it relaxes into positions that bring comfort and ease. Gentle traction added while in position helps to decompress the spine and other joints. This action improves deep breathing while it enhances health and well-being.
Once you settle into a restorative yoga posture, the body and mind relax deeply and completely. The first effect is they are cleansed of the stresses of the day. Your body releases tensions at deep levels and as you fully relax into the posture, your mind can rebalance itself. A sense of spaciousness grows as does self-acceptance. You emerge from a series of restorative yoga poses refreshed, enlivened and with far less pain.
In restorative therapeutic yoga you can quickly let go of habitual stresses and the resistance to just being a relaxed comfortable person despite of everything.