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Given the current situation, our yoga classes are being held online at the moment. If you wish to book a session with us, you can do so here.

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Back Pain

Poor posture leads to stiffness and chronic back pain. Learn new habits of movement, posture and breathing through this powerful method of yoga.


Yoga releases stiffness and tension to improve posture. Eliminate the source of pain for your stage of life. All levels of ability can improve safely. Learn what it takes to have upright posture and to increase range of motion (often in unknown areas).

Neck Strain

Neck strain is not limited to the neck, it is a whole body condition. Shallow breathing is one source of neck strain. Learn how to open the front body in normal movements to inspire deep breathing. Hip flexibility also increases deep breathing and range of motion in your neck.


Tension in the mind and body is relieved though yoga and meditation. Emphasis on inward focus builds awareness of one’s movement, breathing, thinking and feeling patterns. Increased self-awareness results in a calm, more focused and empowered you.

Yoga for the Body

Way of Life for Self-Healing

Private Yoga - A Rare Hands-on Yoga for Pain Relief and Significant Postural Change.


Yoga Classes, Workshops and Retreats - Precise instructions which enable you to change your posture and to free yourself from pain.

Online Courses in Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy for gaining a meditative mind that can heal your own body of fatigue, pain, and illness.

Yoga for the Mind

Way of Life for Self-Healing

Meditation Course: Learn an ancient technique called Japa for gaining space from your thoughts and peace in your mind.


Yoga Philosophy and Psychology Course: Learn How to Have a Stable Mind in Difficult Times


Bhagavad Gita Course: Ongoing Monthly Classes in a classical and epic story of good over evil. Learn how to be the hero in your own life story.

The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is based on Vedanta texts and precepts. As human beings, we all strive to be happy, healthy and whole on 5 levels-- the body, energy level, emotions, decision making, and joyful moments. The Vedas promise a lasting happiness that includes but transcends these levels of human experience. However, we measure our success on these 5 levels, yet we are great inspite of these levels. Your greatness is inherent. By nature, you are already complete and whole. This transcendent message given by the Vedas includes 5 levels that you transcend limitations at the level of your body, energy level, emotions, decisions and joyful moments. We need not be perfect. Our nature is transcendent. Accept yourself as you are on these 5 levels unconditionally. Know your greatness includes and transcend these 5 levels of yourself. Your transcendent greatness is something to be known via the Vedas along with a qualified teacher. The 5 Levels or Sheaths. In Sasnsjrit they are called in Sanskrit pancha-maya-kosha.
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Meet Your Teacher!

C-IAYT, e-RYT-500, Expert Yoga Teacher, Hands- On Pain Relief Specialist, Innovator in Yoga and Iyengar Therapeutics, Vedanta and Yoga Philosophy Teacher, Meditation and Sanskrit Chanting Teacher.