Interview with Julia about her studies in India

LF: You seem really different since being in India over the last 12 years? What have you learned there?
JL: The Vedic teachings have taught me how to be at peace with myself in a steady, continuous way. I’ve sat with Swamiji Dayananda studying the sacred texts in a traditional setting. Within this teaching, I’ve come to know myself to be more than my body and my thoughts, that I am complete and wholly acceptable as I am.

LF: What is this Vedic teaching?
JL: This teaching is meant to help the student abide in composure. There is an effective way of thinking objectively and perceiving oneself. This is not a mere state or a passing experience. It is a vibrant awareness and a way of life. It is a matter of owning up to the fact that our intrinsic nature is free of everything unwanted. This understanding provides a firm basis from which to address any sense of stress, fear or inadequacy that may arise.

LF: What a profound teaching!
JL: The yoga practices I teach can facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integration. After a long and deep study I have been given status of a qualified teacher of this ancient, unbroken lineage. I am honored to share with you these teachings. This complete yoga is the blossoming of the whole person.

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